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We, Linda and Irene, offer you our attractive villa in the idyllic Sotogrande. We are two sisters and owner of ‘Villa Lirena’. The villa is in our family for years and was built by our father. So this place became very special for us. In 2016, we have decided to renovate the villa and rearrange as a vacation home for everyone. We are happy to welcome you at Villa Lirena.


“Personally Villa Lirena stands for socializing, recharging and relaxing, discover Spanish places, and enjoy great food! Socializing with family or friends on the veranda, talking about the experiences of that day and about life, in the garden. After the good food, it’s wonderful to relax in the swimming pool. Then I realize that it was rather too cosy at the table and I need to do some exercise. Fortunately, the pool offers plenty of room for active swimming ;)!
Afterwards, stay under the centuries-old olive trees is really nice. I put down my sunbed there and daydream or remember the things we can do next. But all of a sudden I hear in the distance my husband and child splashing and laughing and I think: “Is it required to do anything? No, because everyone enjoys their stay….. delicious.”


“Villa Lirena means a lot to me. It is a place to enjoy myself and relax. I am very happy when I see the beautiful garden and the spacious rooms. The villa gives me a sense of freedom and casual luxury. It is a warm homecoming.
We like to share our passion with you and we offer our ultimate vacation experience. Because beautiful things are for sharing. So you can, like us, enjoy the casual luxury that’s called Villa Lirena.”

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