Daytrip during your
holiday in Sotogrande

Irene Pril


06 June 2017

If you enjoy you’re holiday in Sotogrande, then a day trip to Morocco is within reach, and actually a “must see”.

Although many people who spend their holidays in Sotogrande will tell that there is enough to do in and around Sotogrande, a one day trip to the Moroccan port city of Tangiers is a very special experience. In a day you can be in two different continents.

By boat to Tanger

The fast ferry leaves from Tarifa to Tangiers in Morocco. The journey from Spain to Tangier can be made from three different ports, but only the ferry from Tarifa will take you in less than 35 minutes to the center of Tangier. The boats of Algeciras or Gibraltar at Tanger-Med, about 40 km east of the city centre. You can buy tickets at the port, or in advance. You can find more information on en

Things to see in Tangiers?

Walking through the streets of the Medina (the old city) or take a visit to the new city. View the famous lighthouse of Cape Spartel, the point where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea come together. You can ride on camels, visit the caves of Hercules or stroll about the Grands boulevards “La Place de France”, the fashionable residential areas of “Marche aux des Boeufs” and “California”. You can visit the Kasbah (old fortress), where you will discover the rich architecture of Morocco. There are snake charmers to see and make sure to try the bread at one of the local bakeries. In addition, you can enjoy shopping in a typical Moroccan bazaar, with many types of carpets and crafts.

Are you going on vacation in Sotogrande?

Then a day trip by boat to Tangiers is a really nice activity.

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